Beyonce gets backlash for Pretty Hurts video


Beyoncé has now properly released her Pretty Hurts video. We say ‘properly’ because anyone with her visual album already saw it back in December…so that’s basically everyone. 

But Bey’s take on the pressure women feel to reach unachievable standards of beauty has provoked a mixed reaction.

Being hailed by many as the pro-women power anthem – others are not as convinced.

Not seen it yet? Take a look, then we’ll talk…

Sure, she may be the most influential woman in the world according to Time magazine, and whilst most the fan love is positive, others aren’t sold instead pointing out the hypocrisy with Beyoncé’s control of her image on social media.

“Today’s beauty myth is constructed through collections of highly curated “candid” selfies beamed straight from the stars themselves, and Beyoncé is its queen,” explains Amanda Hess for Slate

On Twitter, it’s a 50/50 split between loving Queen Bey’s work and others feeling someone as beautiful as her can’t comment..


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