Big Brother Canada’s final three

NOTE: Spoilers
In last night’s penultimate episode of Big Brother Canada, it was Jon and Heather who sat on the chopping block following Sabrina’s shock Head of Household win.
With Jon as the target, the houseguests were to take part in a Marsha the Moose themed Power of Veto competition
It was then that the plan blew up in Sabrina’s face, as Jon managed to win himself the PoV, save himself from eviction and get Neda to take his spot – it was now his decision on who to send home.
With a final two deal from near enough the start with close friend Neda, it didn’t take long for Jon to come to a decision about who to send to the jury house.
Heather’s eviction means that Jon, Neda and Sabrina are this year’s Big Brother Canada final three, and as the final Head of Household competitions take place and one more is evicted, former houseguests and viewers at home will get to have their say about who walks away with the grand prize.
The season finale kicks off Thursday at 8:30pm ET with a special edition of the Big Brother Canada Side Show, followed by the two-hour episode beginning at 9pm ET on Slice.


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