Is Chris Brown Begging Rihanna For Sex?


Wait, isn’t Chris Brown in jail, Karreuche still his girlfriend and RiRi just break up with Drake? What’s going on here

Rihanna latest twitter rants likely says Breezy is still begging

Rihanna‘s latest post on Twitter is letting fans speculate the pop star is twitter-pissing someone very close to either Chris Brownor Drake by insinuating “Your man” was “turned down last night” in her post!

The singer has long dumped Breezy‘s sorry a** and recently left Drake so who was she referring to when she twitted,
“I turned your man down last night, Say thank you b***ch!”
Is it Karrueche Tran or… Karreuche Tran?
It’s no news RiRi has continuously been hitting hard on Tran at every opportunity she finds. We previously reported the pop star posted a ridiculous drawing on Instagram – before her Inst-ban – and captioned it, “Say My Name”; just minutes after Tran posted a beautiful pic with the caption, “What’s my name”.
So with this latest post about “your man…” was RiRi trying to say Chris Brown was asking for a come back “last night”?
Guys what do you think?


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