Kim and Kanye Wear ‘His N Hers’ Matching Leather Jackets


As the days go by, more pictures of The Wedding Of The Year (apologies to anyone else getting married this summer but your wedding is irrelevant) are being released – and this one is an absolute corker. Kim and Kanye took a minute out of their busy wedding day schedule to pose in designer matching jackets which proudly display the notion that they have in fact just got married.

The photo was taken in the couple’s now infamous photo booth and was Instagramed by Kim’s sister, Khloe.

The two jackets were reportedly specially ordered by Kanye, but we can’t help but wonder how many wears the couple are going to get out of them.

What if Kim wants to wear hers one day, and Kanye doesn’t – would that be ok? What if, in a year’s time when they are not ‘just married’, one of them fancies popping their jacket on to the shop – would that still work?


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