Marcos Maidana made it interesting, but Floyd Mayweather remains unbeatable and before facing Marcos Maidana, Floyd Mayweather was taking photos with Justin Bieber

Undefeated Floyd Mayweather improved to 46-0 with a tough victory over Marcos Maidana Saturday night in Las Vegas.
How did the world’s top ranked welterweight spend his final few moments before heading to the ring? Taking photos with Justin Bieber and Lil WayView image on Twitter
On Friday, Mayweather received a pedicure while Bieber got a massage. TMT bonding.

Marcos Maidana gave Floyd Mayweather his best fight in years, but he couldn’t stop the world’s best welterweight from improving to 46-0. It was an ugly fight at the MGM Grand, with Maidana forcing Mayweather to fight from close range for much of the bout, but Mayweather came back from an early deficit to win a majority decision.

“I wanted to give the fans an exciting fight. Normally I box, I move, I blow the other guy out,” Mayweather said in the ring after the fight.
Maidana cut Mayweather in the 4th round after the two fighters had an accidental clash of heads, and Mayweather said he couldn’t see for the next two rounds. He still managed to land some punishing blows on Maidana.Eric Jamison/APNearly every round was close, but as the fight dragged on, Maidana started to lose steam and many of his punches failed to land. Mayweather, meanwhile, danced around the ring and frustrated Maidana, who wanted to brawl. Mayweather abused Maidana with his pinpoint right jabs to swing the final few rounds. As the final bell sounded, both fighters celebrated thinking they had won. One judge ruled the fight a draw with a score of 114-114, but the two others scored the bout 117-111 and 116-112 in favor of Mayweather


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