Minecraft for PC has Moved 15 Million


Here’s some news that’s short but sweet for fans of Mojang: Minecraft, as in the original Minecraft that launched in alpha form on PCs so long ago, has officially crossed 15 million copies sold. The PC version of the game is of course the version that started it all; without Minecraft for PC there would be no stuffed creepers, no Minecraft mobile editions, and no Mojang.

Curiously, the Xbox version of Minecraft has managed to outsell its predecessor. That version claims 21 million copies sold. Looks like while PC was Minecraft’s birthplace, the Xbox has become its home. Of course, modders and PC fanatics might have something to say about that. Either way, more sales is good news for Mojang, which is hard at work on its Scrolls game along with some other top-secret projects.
What do you think? Are you still a Minecraft fan, or has the game lost its luster with all the new versions and crazy sales?
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