Selena Gomez to Release Justin Bieber Diss Song with the Help of Taylor Swift


Taylor Swift is telling Selena Gomez to write a Justin Bieber diss songThe lesson here should be never to get on Taylor Swift’s bad side. The singer is notorious for writing some scathing lyrics in her songs about former boyfriends, and now she’s advising Selena Gomez, recently reconciled BFF, to do the same with Justin Bieber.

A report from Life & Style Magazine claims that Swift is encouraging Selena, who has just given Justin the boot for a second time, to make some money off of her recent split and also get some therapy done at the same time. How can this be achieved? Simple! By blasting Bieber in a diss song.

“Taylor’s been encouraging Selena to write down all of her feelings and emotions and record,” an insider tells the magazine. This is not very hard to believe since every ex-boyfriend that Taylor had ended up as inspiration for at least one of her songs that later sold millions of copies.

The same source claims that “Selena has already written a few slow, sad breakup songs, and she definitely discusses Kylie and being betrayed by her.” As you can remember, at least one of the Jenner sisters was considered to be the cause of Selena and Justin’s breakup, when the Latina singer found some compromising photos and texts from Kylie on Justin’s phone.

While this seems like a good way to get some first-hand information into what really went down in this weird love triangle, one can only suspect that the Kardashians are not going to be happy to have one of their own trashed in a pop song, especially if it turns out to be a success.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realize that as soon as Selena puts out that song which is likely going to be written in collaboration with Taylor, who has a lot of experience with revenge lyrics, an all-out feud will erupt between the two sides.

The problem here might be the fact that Taylor Swift is taking things too personal and overstepping her boundaries by getting involved between Selena and Justin. It’s known that she and Selena had a falling out when the “Come and Get It” singer decided to return to Justin, despite the heartbreak.

Since Taylor’s couldn’t stand Justin, she decided to cut all ties with Selena, her longtime BFF, but was ready to take her back as soon as Gomez came to her senses and ditched Bieber for the second time. The morality of the Justin Bieber diss song is still debatable, but we’re sure curious to hear what that sounds like.


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