SHOCKING: AfroCandy Tells President Jonathan To Step Down Over Boko Haram


AfroCandy Facebook NL 500x245 SHOCKING: AfroCandy Tells President Jonathan To Step Down Over Boko Haram
Self-acclaimed Queen of p**n, Mrs. Judith Mazagwu, the one we all know as AfroCandy, has told President Goodluck Jonathan to step down,
since he has not been able to curb the Boko Haram insurgents who have been having a field day in the country killing and maiming innocent citizens,including the recent abduction of 234 female students of the Government Girls’ Secondary School, Chibok, Borno State.
The abduction which has drawn worldwide condemnation, also had the p**n actress and producer of the p**n movie, Destructive Instinct, took to her Facebook page to condemn the terrorists and also told the president to resign since he does not have what it takes to run the insurgents out of town.
AfroCandy Facebook NL1 SHOCKING: AfroCandy Tells President Jonathan To Step Down Over Boko Haram
BRING OUR GIRLS BACK……I am watching CNN now in New York and Nigeria has been on the News since the Kidnapping of the Innocent Young Girls. From what I can see, the Days of the Boko Haram is coming to an End since their madness drove them as far as hurting Children, USA May just step in and trust me, only One Drone, they are Done. So My point is, The Nigerian Government (President) should just give the USA a go ahead to help.
The media over here reports that the Nigerian president does not want any interference from any International societies and I don’t know why. Even though I Sang/Supported him during his election, it is now obvious that the Northerners will do everything possible to frustrate his Government, so I would say
“Mr. President, I love you, still support you, I also understand your plight but it is time to Give it Up and Step Down” Since you cannot single handedly do anything about the Boko Haram and general Security of the Country, people are dyeing everyday and it’s not Funny anymore.
Pls give it back to the Malams, let them eat it, let’s divide Nigeria so they can Kill themselves if they so desire or better still let other Capable Countries come in and Help you. Enough is Enough. and after all said and done,
I am a Single mother of 2 young girls and I Feel the pains of the parents of those innocent young girls and I pray for their Safe Returns…… PLEASE BRING OUR GIRLS BACK!”


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