TSA’s FIFA 14 Ultimate Team Competition – Round Of 16 Live Draw


Hello, and welcome to the draw for the Round of 16 in our FIFA Ultimate Team competition. As this goes up on TSA, Peter will be very shortly getting on with the live draw, which you can watch right here

And here is the full fixtures list:
Match 1: Amphlett vs. Loay123
Match 2: Crazy_Del vs. Baggyg (baggyg187)
Match 3: Wick15 vs. YungJones
Match 4: GazPhillips (Gazaldo) vs. Hennerzcfc
Match 5: xxAlisha1995xx (x-Alisha-xx-1995) vs. XBLakie_ChanX
Match 6: BlackRedYellow vs. Roynaldo
Match 7: Jimmy-Google vs. Dellboy1983
Match 8: BerackyWack vs. nidasbym (murguia_martin)
Original Post:

Earlier today, we posted the results from the final set of group stage matches and where that left people in the fight for qualification. While I’ll leave the details to that post, the 16 players that qualified were as follows.For the Round of 16, Peter will be drawing people into pairs, with a group winner set to play against a runner up, with the only restriction being that you cannot be drawn against a player from your own group. Over the coming week, just as before, you’ll play two matches against your opponent with the aggregate score determining who will go through to the quarter finals.
Because it’s an aggregate score and the knockout rounds, we’ll also be trying to play with the away goal rules in effect. Now, the idea is that both players will play one game at while hosting and one when invited, creating this home/away effect, but we’ll give you a little leeway on this point.
Strictly by the numbers, it should go as follows:
  • Both players host a match, thereby playing a match at home and a match away. Runner up hosting first and group winner second.
  • If the scores are tied after both matches, the player with the most away goals goes through.
  • If away goals are tied, and because FIFA UT won’t go to extra time and penalties, a run-off match is played in, hosted by the group winner in the pair, but with no away goal rule. It’s winner takes all!
  • If even that is tied, keep playing with Golden Goal rules – the next goal wins.
Now, as I said, you have a certain flexibility to the rules. If you want to be as authentic to the Champions League inspired format as possible, then follow the format outlined above as closely as possible. However,  it doesn’t have to be. as long as both players agree, Tony and I will happily accept for matches to be played out of order, or for one person to host both matches and then have the first to be designated as the runner up’s home match and the second for the group winner’s home match.
Unlike the Champions League, we won’t have a draw held after each round. Instead, the winner of the first pairing will play the winner from the second pair in the Quarter Finals and so on, and you will have an idea of who you might face on your route to the finals.
You will have until 6PM BST on Tuesday 6th May to complete your matches. Please try and do so by that time.
As always, good luck to everyone playing this week!


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