Inseparable! Rihanna Celebrates First Slumber Party With Newborn Niece


Rihanna and her new baby niece are already inseparable, with the ‘Stay’ hitmaker refusing to put the newborn down even for a minute.
After sharing a succession of photos earlier in the week, Rihanna once again posted some pictures of her adorable niece on Twitter, as the baby experienced her first ‘slumber party.’

Rihanna is spending all her time with her new baby niece (@rihanna/Twitter)

The baby girl is wrapped in blankets and wearing a headband with a bow on it, with Rihanna captioning the photo: “Our 1st slumber party and she’s up early!”

She then posted a photo of feeding the baby a bottle, writing: “Pump it!”According to HollywoodLife, the baby is the daughter of Rihanna’s cousin Noella Alstrom. Rihanna hosted Noella’s baby shower in May, wearing a pink wig and keeping to the all-white dress code.However, the baby’s name isn’t known.

Rihanna has taken to being an auntie straight away! (@rihanna/Twitter)

The singer just can’t get enough of being an auntie, as she also recently attended her nephew’s graduation from the Center For Early Education.RiRi posted a selfie of herself and Jay Lawrence Brown on Twitter, adding: “My lil manz graduated today!!! So proud. #AuntyOhNaNa”


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