Alhaji Batters Wife, Locks Her Up Over A Piece Of Fish In Lagos



The abused woman had to get 26 stitches on her face after her husband beat her up mercilessly

34-year-old Fatima Bankole might have thought that taking a piece of fish from a pot was an innocent act, but her husband most certainly didn’t see it that way.
The incident is said to have occurred when Alhaji Kamoru Bankole’s third wife reported the first, Fatima for taking a large chunk of fish from the pot. The victim explained that she had used the fish to break her fast but her explanation fell on deaf ears.
Alhaji Bankole beat his wife and locked her up for 3 days and it was only when she managed to escape that she was taken to a hospital where she had to get 26 stitches on her face.
Fatima is said to have admitted that her husband had been in the habit of abusing her but this last attack was the worst.
 The victim’s husband was subsequently arrested and he will soon be charged for his crime


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