Did Justin Bieber Propose to Selena Gomez?

Ugh. Chapter 587 in the saga of Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez? This week rumors have been swirling that Justin put on his best leather skort, combed his creepy predator mustache just right and got down on bended knee to ask for Selena’s hand in marriage. But Sel hasn’t said yes–yet.
“She told him that she will marry him once he proves to her that he’s serious and stop cheating on her,” whispers a source at Life & Style magazine. “He’s really trying to change and wants to be with her forever.” I may have believed that story if it weren’t for the “he wants to change” part because clearly my Beliebers, he does not. If a girl has to ask her man to stop cheating on her, he’s probably not husband material, don’t you agree?
But now, other sources are saying that the rumor is “ridiculous” and they aren’t engaged or even close to it. Hmm…I have a feeling the truth is somewhere in the middle. I can totes picture these two running off to elope in Vegas one boozy night, but I can also picture Sel in her sane moments saying that marriage is not on the horizon.
But let’s play a game, my lambs. Please share with me how you imagine Justin Bieber would propose to his lady love. Leave your tales in the comments section and please include as much detail as possible about how many times he’ll use the word “swaggy” and “dope” in his speech…XOXO.


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