George Clooney Gets Apology From UK’s Mail Over Wrong Marriage

Which Mother Won’t Want George Clooney As A Son In Law?
George Clooney has received an apology from one of UK’s biggest media, Mail Online for “any inconveniences” caused by their report about his forthcoming marriage to London-based barrister, Amal Alamuddin on Monday July 5.
Mail‘s earlier report claimed the actor’s mother-in-law, Baria had objected his decision to marry her daughter due to religious reasons. They wrote that she wished her daughter to be married within the relatively small Druz sect.(Druz is a religious sect  in Lebanon, Seria, Isreal and Jordan, whose beliefs are based mostly on Islam and other religions.)
But the publication led Clooney to accuse the paper of being “irresponsible” and now, they claim the article has been dropped from their website and they are ready to talk with the actor’s reps to allow him set the records straight.
Clooney however told USA Today Tuesday, he asserted that his mother-in-law was “in no way against the marriage” and further denied that the woman wasn’t a member of the Druzcommunity. He said the story was “completely fabricated” and has put his family and friends “in harm’s way”.
If you were George Clooney, what will you do to that media?


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