Terry G Shares Photo Smoking ‘Igbo’


Singer Terry G throws caution to the wind as he puffs hard on a wrap of weed.
Terry G is in love with his weed

Nigerian celebrities are supposed to be role models with a lot of kids looking up to them and and wanting to be like them. But many of them end up doing things that do not say well of their image. Hip hop sensation, Gabriel Amanyi, the one popularly called Terry G, is one of those who does whatever tickles his fancy without thinking what the repercussion will be. Presently in South Africa, the Free Madness singer posted his photo on his Instagram page where he is puffing a wrap of Indian Hemp, popularly called Igbo or wee-wee. The Akpako Master seems to forget that he is a public figure and many up coming entertainers look up to him. Many will say it is life but image matters a lot in the entertainment industry.
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