What Our Movie Producers Want Us To See


It is only in Nollywood that one gets to see some movie titles that sends one to sleep.
What is Doro Hot?

Gone is the era where Nigerian movie producers churn out educative, spellbinding and movies with story lines that had a bearing on the society as well as teach some lessons.
Back in the days, movies like Living in Bondage, Mortal Inheritance, Domitilla and Rattle Snake, made a lot of sense and Nigerians loved and identified with these movies and learnt a lot of lessons while looking forward to further offerings.
But these days, the kinds of movies that movie producers bring out begs intelligence and lack depth, quality and deep research. But these days, our producers just sit in the corners of their rooms and bring them on.
You get to hear titles like Tear My Bra (If You Can), Black & White Ghosts, Iron Pant, Tube & Tyre, We are Useless, Aka Gum, Calculator, Holy Kidnapper, Radio Without Battery, Chelsea and Liverpool, etc, and if you sit down to watch these movies, you will get lost at the lack of credibility and depth.
We saw this movie which will soon drop titled Doro Hot, and wonder what the producers have in mind.
Can you tell us some movies that you think can only appear in Nollywood?


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