Aity Dennis VS Princess Anne Inyang: Who is the better gospel musician?


aity n Anne Inyang

Gospel music stars, Princess Anne Inyang and Aity Dennis Inyang, both indigenes of Akwa Ibom State, have established themselves as frontline contenders as far as the genre is concerned in Nigeria.

Among others, tales of miracles have trailed their performances. In 2003, it was said that armed robbers stormed a church where Princess Anne was ministering. Rather than rob people, they miraculously surrendered their guns at the altar and gave their lives to Christ. Similarly, it was also said that Aity’s song once raised a toddler from death after a neighbour gave the bereaved family one of her CDs to play for consolation. Incidentally, both artistes are pastors and quit plum jobs to take up music careers. But the big question today is, who is the better gospel singer between the pair? This week’s Showdown serves you the verdict of Nigerians.


Aity is an indigene of Akwa Ibom State. She has a first degree in French and a Master’s degree in Mass Communication and re­corded her first album as a broadcaster. She was once a television producer and French Teacher. Aity, a multi-lingual artiste sings in Annang, Ibibio, French and English. Her albums include My Hiding Place, Rejoice and Unstoppable among others. She is married to the Presiding Pastor of Sure Word Assembly, Dennis Inyang, where she serves as Associate Pastor and Music Director. She also has nine and albums to her credit including numerous awards. Her hit song, Barasuene, recently won her an ACTA award. She also runs the Aity Music Foundation, through which she empow­ers up-and-coming artistes.


Princess Anne Inyang is an indigene of Ibiono Ibom, Akwa Ibom State. She was born in Cala­bar, the Cross Rivers State capital but grew up in Lagos. She started off with The G-4, a group she founded alongside three of her friends in the 80’s. However, she became born again and switched to gospel music when she released her debut album entitled Things Are Getting Better. Her popular evergreen song, Akanem Nkwe, which won her several awards was a big hit and endeared her to gospel music lovers. A graduate of Banking and Finance, Anne quit a plum banking job in 1998 to go into full time professional music. Also an actor, Ann was in the cast of the now rested popular TV soap opera, The New Village Headmaster. She is the CEO of Saints Music and has nine audio and video albums to her credit including over 30 awards. She is also a United Nations Peace Ambassador.

It’s a tough decision to make –Mma Blessing, hair stylist

Anne and Aity are true Christians, true pastors and true gospel musicians. They are not like many so called gospel artistes out there who claim to be what they are not. Imagine a gospel artiste that doesn’t know any Bible quotation; that’s pathetic. And many of them also have nauseating lifestyles. As far as I am concerned, it‘s a tough decision to make.

Aity is better –Nkechi Obiora, educationist

Aity is the better gospel artiste. She is also more travelled and versatile and is always in the news too. I was once opportune to watch her show and I think there is no better female gospel artiste in Africa.

Princess Anne a lot better –Adebayo Joshua, Technician

It’s Anne all the way! I don’t joke with her songs at all.  Since my friend introduced her album, Highly favoured to me, I have not missed any of her albums. One thing about her sound is that you must feel something moving in you whenever you listen to her. But the only problem is that her songs are always scarce; she is a true woman of God.

They are a rare blessing to Akwa Ibom and Nigeria –Ameh Agnes, social worker

Akwa Ibom and Nigerian are highly favoured by God through these artistes;  Princess Anne and Aity are a rare blessing to our generation. Do you know that I used to think they were blood sisters? They are so good at gospel music and I am so proud of them; I must state that I am envious.

I give it to Anne –Emmanuel Nsan, Apreala

Anne Inyang is better than Aity. Her popular song, Ima Obong, which is still making waves till date is a must play; the song captivates people.

Princess Anne is unique –Stephanie Ezekiel, designer

My dear, Princess Anne is The One. Her Akanem Nkwe says it all. In my opinion, that song has no rival as far as native gospel music is concerned in Nigeria. There is nothing as good as being unique in style; Anne is a unique music minister.

It is a difficult question –Onyi Ezichi, accountant

My brother, it is difficult to say who is better between them. As a church ministry worker, I have had the opportunity of watching their live performances a couple of times as well as watching their music videos. Both of them are very creative artistes.

Aity is better –Glory Enang, hair stylist

If you knew Aity very well, you wouldn’t have asked this question. Do you know that everything about that woman is music and dance inside-out? She is so good in the art that one cannot help but envy her. And I think she is also superb on the matrimonial front which is why her husband is always with her; supporting and encouraging her.

They have re-defined gospel music –Yusuf Adebiyi, businessman

I am not even a Christian but I know the people you are talking about. And it may shock you to hear that I have their music videos, especially Aity Dennis’. One thing I like about them is that their styles are a re-definition of gospel music in Nigeria. Their songs appeal to both children and adults irrespective of their religious affiliations. And they also have something for lovers of hip hop tunes; I enjoy their music.

Princess Ann is more than just an artiste – Israel Madu, undergraduate

I think that Princess Anne is the better party. She is more than just a gospel artiste. Both of them are ministers but Anne seems to be more spiritually endowed. Have you ever experienced her ministrations? You would understand my gist if you have because great things usually happen.

Give it to Aity –John Ekeh – IT consultant

Many people see them as gospel artistes but I regard them as cultural ambassadors. They have earned Nigeria enormous glory by virtue of their numerous foreign musical trips and ministrations. And another good thing about them is that they use vernacular a lot. However, I think that Aity has an edge over Princess Ann.

There can be no rivalry in the Lord’s vineyard –Evangelist Wale Oyewale

What you are doing may create rivalry between them. They are both gospel ministers and there is no rivalry in the Lord’s vineyard. Even if I know that one of them is better in any way, I will not disclose it to you. All I can say to you is that they both are great ministers. I prefer calling them ministers so they wouldn’t look ordinary.
Give it to Princess Anne – Oha Angus, civil servantI do not think that Aity is better than Princess Anne, but one thing about Aity is that she is sometimes too loud.

Aity is dazzling – Pauline Uduak, banker

Aity Inyang is my favourite any day! She is a dazzling and multi-talented music minister. And one thing that amazes me about her is that she is a workaholic. She is herself involved in so many programmes and has so many commitments, yet she is never found wanting in any of them; she is a special breed.

Princess Ann is more creative – Sharon Chimuanya, stylist

I would go for Princess Ann because in my view, she is more creative. You know that both of them hail from the same state and also have similar music style. But one edge Ann has over Aity is in the area of creativity; I think she is the better gospel artist.

I envy Aity – Blessing Okwudili, Deepview Agencies

I doffed my hat for Aity the day I attended a programme at Sureword Assembly. Do you know that in spite of her tight schedule, she still serves as the choir coordinator of the church? Aity is just amazing!

Aity is media friendly? – Sandra Adeyemi, undergraduate

I do not know whether Princess Inyang is not press-friendly or that she has issues with journalists. Maybe, you should be able to tell me as a journalist because you people publicise Aity every now and then. But as for Anne, we scarcely read about her on newspaper pages and even television. So, tell me, has she been blacklisted by the media?

Aity has an edge over Princess Anne – Wisdom Chuks, telecom personnel

Both singers are talented and so creative. In fact, they are world class gospel artistes. But Aity seems to have an edge over Princess Anne. She is the better dancer and has also written more songs than Princess Anne. And that makes her a better choice.

Aity is more dynamic – Clara Nzeh, Dove Catering Services

Aity and Princess Anne Inyang are the best female gospel musicians in the country. They are unique and in their own worlds. If you listen to their songs, you must witness divine touch. And moreover, they do not recycle other people’s old works like many Nigerian musicians do. Their songs always exude divine power and anointing. However, Aity is more dynamic.


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