kush The break-up of Kush gospel band



“What happened to Kush?” Fans of Nigerian entertainers asked repeatedly to no avail as soon as news of the gospel band’s break-up became public knowledge.

About a decade later, Lara George of the defunct Kush Gospel band has revealed that music (when the Kush Band started) was very difficult especially for three young professionals with many career options. “It was tough keeping things together at that time because the pressure of the financial uncertainty took its toll on us as a group. Everyone started to drift apart until we were no longer able to keep things going.” Expectedly, Lara was upset about the break-up of a band that had made her put her whole life on hold. She waved ‘goodbye’ to music but not anymore. Lara sang again later on and the album, Forever in My Heart became an award winning album over and over.


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