My husband, my favourite leader –Princess Romeo Oghene


Romeo Oghene

Princess Romeo Oghene is a businesswoman in all ramifications.

She is into properties, building, interior decora­tion and insurance. She also models for Orange Drugs. Recently, she marked her birthday and that unique day was her opportunity to give her customers a treat at her classy unisex boutique at Ikota Shopping Complex at Victoria Garden City (VGC ) Lagos.

Her shop, Gmyt Couture was agog with models in their white T-shirts and red pants.

“Aside my birthday, I am also using the day to slash prices on all items in the boutique and get new cus­tomers and create aware­ness about this place,” she said.

She told Sunday Sun her favourites.

What’s your fa­vourite colour?

My favourite colour is white.

I like white, because it makes me feel beautiful and it’s bright as well.

Favourite food?

I love food. I don’t know what food is my favourite again.

These days that we have to watch our weight, I eat lots of healthy snacks like al­monds.

I have been snack­ing a lot, I don’t know which one is my favou­rite anymore.

Favourite weather?

Summer period is it for me. I don’t really like rain.

I like it when the weather is calm, you tend to go about doing whatever you want to do.

Favourite holiday spot?

I like Dubai. It’s a beautiful country. It’s a new country, and everything there is mod­ern.

You have value for what you are paying for and they don’t give you hassles about visas and all that.

You can just get in and you are out.

The country is just beauti­ful. I travel to other countries but Dubai is it for me.

Your favourite car?

I like nice cars, but Phan­tom is my best. That is my dream car.

Your favourite book?

I don’t do my reading like that but when I want to learn or have an idea of something, I just go on the internet.

On activities like working out, make up, dieting, I just go online and read up.

I don’t have time to read books. I would just say I read once in a blue moon.

Your favourite lead­er?

My husband is my leader. Also Tony Ezenna , the CEO of Orange Drugs is my leader.

You ask him for ideas in business and he tells you to “do this, don’t do that.”

He tells you how best to spend money prudently in business.

I wanted to do a pageant and he said no, you will lose money.

He was right. He’s not fake.

Your favourite de­signer ?

I like Cartier, Versace and Gucci.

But I think my favourite is Cartier.


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