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Wife of popular radio presenter cries out:

Little girl

My kid and I live at Banex junction with no roof over our heads
I don’t know her, she’s a blackmailer –Berekete

 The name Ahmed Isah, popularly known as Ordinary Ahmed, and president of the Berekete Family radio programme fame, rings a bell within and around the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), Abuja.

Currently, the popular radio presenter is in the news but for the wrong reason. The soothing voice on radio whose  programme addresses social crises may get  a piece of his taunts if the story of the woman we met in the street is anything to go by, then Berekete himself needs a Hem Belembe radio outing to solve the puzzles.

A woman that lives around Banex Junction claimed she was married to be the presenter but was booted out their matrimonial home and now distraught.

Although Ahmed Isah, the real name behind the Berekete Family and Hem Belembe show said he was indisposed to talk, someone who gave his name as Dave and a member of the Berekete Family, stood in for him and dismissed the woman’s story as a tissue of lies.

Isa’s radio programme has been a shelter and rallying point of sort for the oppressed, the downtrodden, and the needy in the society. Many people who knew him as social crusader, and reputable for  his capacity to address all manners of family and social problems including domestic violence like battery, divorce, victimisation and oppression of women and men.

Meanwhile, Hem Belembe as acquaintances and friends popularly call him, has a sore point unknown to majority of his admirers. What would shock many is that the woman, Regina Hadiza Ahmed Isah who claimed to be his wife of seven years, has become a public nuisance at the heart of the Abuja metropolis, even as she  survives at the mercy of philanthropists. .

Her ordeal evokes emotions from persons that come in contact with her. In fact, it was shocking to observe that the woman who was  mistook for a lunatic because of the way she and the daughter live, by any stroke of imagination, be the wife of the respected social crusader.

With the clothes she claimed were washed littering the grass lawn behind the Silverbird Galleria, towards the highway from the Central Area to Utako and the Sani Abacha Highway into Kado and Gwarimpa estates, and her seven-year old daughter, Mariam, hanged around her. Regina told Abuja Metro the story of her fall from grace to grass.

With the extent of good work of mending collapsing families, Miriam’s story sounded like fiction. Yet we decided to get to the roots of it and prove the woman right or wrong in her claims to be the wife of Ordinary Ahmed, a man of fame in reconciling the family differences of others, and also that the little girl with Miriam is his daughter.

Her story
It was out of curiosity that Abuja Metro  while driving by that Sunday afternoon stopped by to know what a pitiable woman and the daughter could be doing at such an odd place.
Candid enough, Abuja Metro had mistook her for a lunatic or someone that needed help and stopped to ask questions. That inquiry turned out to be interesting.
“For your information, I am the wife of Ahmed Isah, the man that anchors Berekete Family programme on radio. I have six children for him from three pregnancies, four sons and two daughters. I had  a triplet and twins twice. I am a Nigerian from Obudu in Cross River State. I am of a Christian background.
                                                                                                                                       see full story here


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