Louis wishes he was meaner on X Factor


Louis Walsh

caught up with veteran X Factor judge Louis Walsh to talk about the new series of the reality singing competition and the return of Tulisa Contostavlos as his guest at Judges’ Houses.
When asked if he ever feels mean passing out cruel comments to the contestants that don’t “cut the mustard”, Louis said: “I never know how they’re going to show or how they’re going to edit it. I’m never mean on it. I wish I was meaner on the show. When you’re there are in the moment, you have to be brutally honest. It’s a very tough business. You have to be tough to survive in it.”

Speaking about Tulisa joining him in Bermuda for the Judges’ Houses round of The X Factor, Louis insisted that she will bounce back from her alleged drug sting incident with The Sun newspaper.
He said, “She looks amazing. She’s a really nice girl. She’s had a really tough time. When the real story comes out of what happened to her with The Sun newspaper people will really be horrified.
“She’s going to make a massive comeback and be better and stronger. But the whole thing did take a lot of wind out of her.”


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