8:00 to 12:00 Of What Go On In Big Brothers Africa.


11:52  Permithias sings his song about the housemates. They love it. He discusses how he freestyles his songs and how he remembers his lyrics through “hooks” and “links” 

11:39 Permithias plays his guitar and sings “Had I known I’d be so strong”  introspective song for an introspective day. 
11:12  Considering somebody is leaving the house tonight, the housemates are very relaxed and seem to be enjoying each other’s company. Who will you be voting for? 
10:55  Idris, Luis and Arthur preen in front of the mirror (well, Idris does, and the rest watch). Yes, Idris, the cameras are watching. 
10:45  Alusa, “King” Mr.265, Idris and the guys chat about the enjoyment of singing and the girls. “Who’s Mira?” one of them quips. 
10:30  JJ and Kaycey serenade Mira. 
10:15 Alusa, Frankie and some of the guys talk African languages, dialects and accents. Arthur tells them the name for love in Pemba and they find it amusing how most African languages are missing the letter ‘R’ in their alphabet. 
10:00 Resa stepped in shards of broken glass last night and as result seems incapacitated. Her bestie Sipe carries her up the stairs and provides a helping hand. 
09:40 Idris has become somewhat the clown of the house and wherever he is, the fun is, and hey, it certainly doesnt hurt that he is a good looking bloke. 
09:32 Housemates enter into their grooming routines as Laveda treates herslef to a face mask and Butterphly updates her short hair do. 
09:18 Master of the theatre JJ waists no time and hurl Goitse into his favourite topic: ‘industry’ talk 
09:05 Tayo and Esther launch into their list of ‘shout-out’s’ for the morning. They ask viewers, friends and family to pray for their succes in tonights eviction show. 
09: 03 Some housemates struggle to peal themselves out of bed while the rest rise, shine and get to cleaning to the sound of some proudly African soothing tunes. 
09:00 Welcome to Day 7 of Big Brother Hotshots. Whew! what a week. 

08:45 Mr. 265 enters into a solitary grueling work out ahead of the day. 
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