Dropbox glitch leaves some users with deleted files


DROPBOX HAS BEEN sending out consolatory emails with freebies after a glitch in some versions of the Dropbox app resulted in the deletion of files.

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The bug occurred when certain versions of the desktop sync app were shutdown prematurely by a program or system crash, and was limited to users of the selective sync feature where only certain folders are replicated on the desktop.
Although the buggy versions have been long since superseded, people who fell victim to the problem are now being rewarded with a year of Dropbox Pro for their troubles, not to mention lost files.
Dropbox support confirmed the action taken: “1) we’ve patched our desktop client so this issue doesn’t exist in Dropbox anymore; 2) we’ve made sure all our users are running an updated version of the Dropbox client; and 3) we’ve retired all affected versions of the Dropbox client so no one can use them.”
The letter to affected customers goes on to grovel: “There’s nothing more important to us than making sure your information is safe and always available,” before offering a personalised link to a list of the files that they can no longer access.
The company is not having the best time of it PR-wise at present. Just this week maverick NSA contractor Edward Snowden reiterated his belief that the cloud company is “hostile to privacy”, recommending users delete their accounts.
Earlier this year in was revealed that Condoleezza Rice has taken a place on the board of Dropbox, causing much resentment among campaigners unable to reconcile her presence as an alleged architect of PRISM and the privacy of personal data.


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