‘DWTS’ Celebrity Talks Relationship with Blake Coward


Sadie Robertson who rose to fame in ‘Duck Dynasty’, and more recently in ‘Dancing with the Stars’ where she partners Mark Ballas, has been dating Blake Coward.
Little is known about Blake, other than what was revealed by Robertson herself, about their love, relationship, and overlapping faith and principles. This has left Sadie’s fans wondering; who is this guy?

What’s known for sure is that the two have been dating for nine months now. Beyond that, the relationship seems to be official as she recently posted a picture with him on her Instagram. In the photo the two are seen celebrating their eight month anniversary.
Evidently, they have similar views in regards to religion. Sadie, who’s known to be a modest Christian wants to “save herself” for “the one” and has admitted that “I don’t really date guys who don’t feel the same way,” Robertson told US Weekly.
She went on to reveal that Blake was “raised in the same kind of family” and goes to the “same kind” of church as her.
On the flip side, she wasn’t sure if she would end up with Blake Coward as she stated that “You never know who you’re going to end up with. Who knows if my boyfriend will be my husband?”
Fans know that Sadie has stayed true to her beliefs, as seen in one of her recent performances on ‘Dancing with the Stars’ wherein she toned down her risque Rumba to make it “sweet” instead.
As it stands, there’s not much else to go by in regards to their relationship. However, fans of Sadie Robertson hope to see the ‘Duck Dynasty’ princess find the guy that’s right for her.


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