Game of Thrones Cast Gets PAID; Elle Macpherson at 50


Ana Cheri. … One of the FBI’s Most Wanted, Eric Frein, is captured alive in Pennsylvania following seven-week manhunt. … English university soccer team catches flak for using porn site as a sponsor, something they say they did as a joke. … The Game of Thrones cast signed up for a seventh season and got huge raises. … Deadly crash at a Wichita airport. … Former Boston mayor Thomas Menino died of cancer on Thursday. … Manufacturers are making heavier crash test dummies for America. … Apple CEO Tim Cook comes out via editorial with Bloomberg Businessweek. … Headline: “11 arrested for tomb-raiding and selling women’s corpses for ‘ghost marriage’ rituals” … Man’s best friend? … Woman sues doctor for implanting a device insider her spine that he created in his garage. … My vote for the most depressing headline/link of the Roundup. … Mother allegedly leaves seven-year-old son alone in movie theater after drinking her “mean juice.” … High school coach fired for swearing. … Player with one arm makes Ireland’s U-15 basketball team. … Rhode Island police need your help. … Kevin Youkilis announced his retirement. … Is a Mizzou football player named after a beer? … Bobby Valentine is still salty about the Red Sox, apparently. … Los Angeles unveiled its second MLS team, LAFC, which begins play in 2017. … Nice obit lede for a popular Houston police officer.  … Happy Birthday: Dan Rather (83); Brian Doyle-Murray (69); Nick Saban (63); Joe West (62); John Lucas II (61); Peter Jackson (53); Dunga (51); Johnny Marr (51); Fred McGriff (51); Vanilla Ice (47); Piper Perabo (38); Mike Napoli (33). … Happy Halloween, be safe and have a good time however you chose to celebrate.


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