Liberian student’s perspective on Ebola


Mohammed Dukuly says he keeps himself from worrying about his family in Liberia.

“Normally, I pray, hang out with my friends on campus, have conversations,” he said.

The West African country has seen 2,316 deaths from the Ebola virus which is the most of any country.

“The situation in Liberia is very devastating,” said Dukuly, “I think about it day and night, even when I’m in class, I don’t really sleep.”

Dukuly says his fear has worsened since hearing that his older sister, Gardee, has been diagnosed with Typhoid fever.

The biggest fear, he says, is not knowing if it’s something else.

“I have no idea yet, the only thing I know is Typhoid fever and it is hard because I’m not in communication with my sister,” he said.

Dukuly came to Mercer University through a scholarship program.

He’s currently studying political science and plans on becoming a high school teacher back home.

He says he hopes by that time, the virus has been contained, but if not, he’ll join the fight.

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“If it costs for me to sacrifice my life, I will definitely join the fight,” Dukuly said, “The only thing is to keep praying so that the international community can come to the aid of Liberia.”

A Mercer theology professor plans a fundraiser Wednesday that allows Mercer students to raise money for food to feed staff members at seminary schools in Liberia.


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