Nicki Minaj Gets Fans Ready For ‘The Pinkprint’ Release With Saucy New Teasers


Nicki Minaj may have only recently split with her hip-hop hunk Safaree, but the leading female rapper has already unveiled a new track taken from her pending third studio album The Pinkprint which featuring Drake and Lil Wayne drooling over the superstar in their collaboration Only. Obviously trolls were going to pipe up to give their say on the song hoping to get a rise out of Minaj’s ex. We hate to disappoint you guys but it sounds like you’re all getting slightly more hysterical than he is.
Twitter was bombarded with blasts towards the track with hundreds of Tweeters turning to Safaree for his reaction. Well, it turns out that he really couldn’t give a monkeys and is actually a huge fan of the track. So taking to the social media site to get his point out there, Saf told the haters that their pestering is wearing thin.
“you do know i was there when “only” was recorded and recieved right?? (sic),” he posted. “that song is new to yall not me… give it a rest ppl. months old”.


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