Rotimi Amaechi’s Unusual Speech At The BON Awards!


According to reports, while Gov. Rotimi Amaechi was giving his speech at the BON Awards which was held in Port Harcourt yesterday, he allegedly jokingly said:“You people in Nollywood are products of circumstances/necessity. You actors study sciences, law, medicine, accounting and all sorts but because you couldn’t find
jobs, you embraced Nollywood. The only reason you are in Nollywood is because you couldn’t find other jobs, if you had, would you be in Nollywood today.” “We all know I went into politics for money and yes I am a cheerful giver and I don’t hesitate to give Kate Henshaw and Joke Silva money whenever they visit as a matter of fact, I was the one that encouraged Kate Henshaw to go into politics.” he allegedly stated, after which he presented an award to veteran actress Liz Benson.


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