SAD: Mother Found Her 4 Sons Dead, In Lagos


A woman and her four sons were found dead in the Ikorodu area of Lagos on Wednesday, October 1

A family of five has been found dead in Ikorodu and it is suspected that they might have succumbed to poisonous generator fumes
Tragedy struck in the Itamaga area of Ikorodu, Lagos on October 1, Nigeria’s Independence Day, as five members of a family were found dead in their home.
The victims, a woman and her four sons, were found lifeless and with 3 of their bodies already decomposing after they died from a yet unknown cause, Vanguard reports.
Eyewitnesses reportedly said that the family was last seen on Friday, September 26 and suspicions began to arise when an offensive smell was perceived from their apartment.
Neighbours eventually forced their way into the home and discovered 3 corpses while one of the children died on the way to a hospital.
Policemen were reportedly called to the scene but they were hesitant to act due to a fear of Ebola.
The circumstances surrounding the family’s death are still uncertain as some have said that they died of food poisoning while yet others believe it was as a result of carbon monoxide poisoning from generator fumes.


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