Samsung promising Wi-Fi five times faster than current generation tech

Samsung is currently researching a new Wi-Fi standard which will increase download speeds by five times. 

Wireless internet on a mobile phone

The 60GHz standard will be capable of a whopping 575Mb of data transferred per second.

The increased standard is equivalent to an entire SD movie being download in a single second. However, consumers will need the broadband capability to support it.
Called 802.11ad, the new Samsung standard also will eliminate interference from co-channel networks, which should mean Wi-Fi delivery that is much more stable.
It will also mean that no matter how many devices are using an individual Wi-Fi network, delivery of speed will not be affected.
Samsung is aiming for commercialisation of the technology by 2015 and if the firm meets this goal, it’s entirely possible that the new Wi-Fi standard will feature in the Galaxy S6 and Note 5.
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