Simon Cowell thinks ‘X Factor’ will return to the U.S.


For those who miss The X Factor on their television screens, Simon Cowell has some good news. The tough singing competition host predicts that the show will return to the U.S. despite failing to get renewed in February.

This year will mark the first in ten years that Cowell won’t appear on either American Idol or the U.S. version of X Factor but he made it clear to FT Weekend that he’s not worried.

“I think it will come back again,” he said, admitting he made a huge mistake by making such a big prediction before the first season of the U.S. version even aired.

“I stupidly said at the beginning, ‘We’re going to get 20 million people.’ I didn’t realise the market had changed so quickly and we got 12,” he said. “So I felt from the outset that we’d failed and so did everybody else. I should have thought, ‘Actually, 12 is fantastic’, and kept my mouth shut. I think, on both sides, it was a mistake to throw the towel in,” said Cowell.

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He also seemed to take a jab at The Voice, which is currently the reigning singing competition show on U.S. television.

“There’s a reason it produces so many stars, unlike the other shows,” he continued of X Factor. “It doesn’t rely on gimmicks: a spinning chair, or a wall going up and down. I genuinely do believe it’s the best format,” The Hollywood Reporter reports.

The most successful act to come of the show is by far One Direction, who were discovered on the U.K. version of the show.


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