man offers reward to find him a wife


A San Diego man is taking his bid to find the perfect wife on the road, and he’s trying to get you to help.
He Sad “I have been single for almost 17 years, and I haven’t met the right woman yet,” Dave Greenberg told 10News Sunday.
Greenberg is advertising for a wife with a poster on his Jeep. The moving billboard offers a $1,000 reward for anyone who helps find him a wife.
He also has a website:
“I’m proactive looking to meet a woman I want to get married.”
The twice-divorced father and grandfather is open-minded when it comes to love.
“I’m looking for a woman that can handle my flaws.”
Anyone who finds a woman for Greenberg that leads to marriage will get the reward.
Aside from running his ad, Greenberg says he also runs singles service, but does not look for women there, because that is for paying customers only.

Marry Dave


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