Woman Who Turned Into Bird in Lagos


A strange bird was sighted in Lagos and it reportedly fell from a high tension wire and changed into a human being

Residents of the Oshodi area of Lagos were shocked when a strange bird fell from a wire and reportedly changed into a middle aged woman.
Pictures of the woman flooded the internet and she was quite a horrific sight with blood all over her and her skin peeling while her clothes (at least that’s what we think they are) in charred shreds.
The woman was surrounded by curious and astounded people who took photos.
A witness, who uses the twitter handle @davidTheGEAR, took time to tweet the happenings and managed to get close to hear the woman confessing how she killed her husband through witchcraft.
Trust Lagosians, the incident turned into quite a spectacle as many people pushed and huffed to take pictures of the woman with their phones. The stampede was said to have caused serious traffic jam before security operatives managed to whisk the old bird-woman away.


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