Asa VS Nneka: Who is more celebrated internationally?


Asa N Nneka

Nigerian music has definitely come a long way. Recent years have wit­nessed the astronomic rise and dominance of the African music space by Nigeria. This is evidenced by the continued domination of sev­eral award platforms including BET, MAMAs, MOBOS, and Channel O Music Video awards by Nigerian artistes.

Today, Showdown parades two of Nigeria’s popular singers – Asa and Nneka. Both unarguably stand out on the international scene due to their unique sound. They have fea­tured on the biggest stages in the world, rubbing shoulders with the best and winning accolades in the process. But who among them is the most celebrated internationally? Mu­sic buffs bare their minds. Excerpts:


Born in Paris, France, Bukola El­emide famously known as Asa, is the only daughter from a family of four kids. The songwriter, instrumental­ist and artiste started her career in Lagos, and trained under the legend­ary Peter King. She took the Nigerian music scene by storm in 2004 when she released her debut singles, Adaba and Jailer, which were followed by her-self titled album, Asa, in 2006. Asa has clinched many awards and nominations including the Prix Constantin in 2008 and French Music Awards Victoires de la Musique nomination for Female Art­ist of The Year 2011.

Her other albums include Live in Paris, Beautiful Imperfection, and Bed of Stone, which was released August this year. Prior to the release of Bed of Stone, the album was reported to have sold over 400, 000 copies in advance.


After she opened for reggae dancehall star, Sean Paul, in Hamburg, Germany, Nneka (Nneka Lucia Egbuna) has never looked back. Born and brought up in Warri, Delta State, Nneka is a Germany-based Nigerian artiste. Described as a radical singer, songwriter and actress, she has been active in the music scene since 2003. In 2005, Nneka dropped her first album entitled, Victim of Truth simultaneously in Germany, England, France, Netherlands, Nigeria and Japan. Later that year, she had her maiden tour which took her to Germany, Switzerland and Austria. Victim of Truth attracted rave reviews and was described by the UK Sunday Times as the “Most Criminally Overloaded Album of the Year”, comparing it to Lauryn Hill’s The Miseducation. Nneka’s other albums include No Longer At Ease and Soul Is Heavy. She has won several awards including the Nigerian Entertainment Awards for Best Indigenous Artiste in Nigeria and Best International Artiste respectively. She has also featured in a couple of movies including Lake of Fire, Relentless, and Eine Andere Liga among others.

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