Is WhatsApp and Facebook better dan othwr global app


Facebook’s stable of apps lead the way in Western Europe and around the world when it comes to user engagement on social media and messaging apps.


Mobidia’s new “Social Media & Messaging Engagement: Chat, Social, Videoconferencing, Rich Media and VoIP Apps” white paper found that social and chat apps dominate the top end of the mobile app usage scale and Facebook is a huge part of why.

“Social and chat apps are clearly having an impact on mobile data usage, and the performance of Facebook’s app portfolio is impressive,” said Chris Hill, senior vice president of marketing at Mobidia. “We expect to see other app developers taking inspiration from the engagement metrics that Facebook has been able to achieve”.

In Western Europe WhatsApp, which is also owned by Facebook, led usage engagement at 73 percent with analyzed users averaging 612 minutes per month or 20 minutes per day. Facebook’s own mobile app, in comparison, had app engagement of 60 percent with users averaging 500 minutes per month and Instagram trailed behind on 20 percent engagement and users averaging 300 minutes per month.

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Twitter and Snapchat are almost neck-and-neck in fourth place in Western Europe behind WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram with Viber slightly further behind in sixth place.

Globally, Facebook polled high monthly utilization in all major markets [except South Korea, Germany and Japan] as over 50 percent of users engaged with the app each month.

Facebook only got the final okay on its WhatsApp acquisition last month and the $19 billion deal brings with it some 600 million active users, as of August.

The Mobidia report is based on data compiled by ABI Research from millions of smartphone users across the world including those in China, Germany, Malaysia, Russia, Singapore, South Korea, the US and the UK.