Japan’s autumn colours


When I made my search to Japan last month to see its autumn colours, I did not bargain on seeing Tokyo, just as Typhoon Vongfong – this year’s worst tropical storm  was about to hit the country.
Perhaps it was just as well that the typhoon struck Japan. During its brief one-night sojourn, it emptied the heavens of so much rain that I got to enjoy brilliant sunshine and deep blue cloudless skies for most of the rest of my trip.
This was a bonus, i could enjoy mountain tops that turned a fiery red under the setting sun and forests that were bathed in a soft golden glow as the yellowish-red leaves on trees shimmered in the autumn sunshine.
Travelling in Japan has always been enjoyable but expensive, but this time, the financial pain was mitigated by the 32 per cent drop in the value of the Japanese yen against the Singapore dollar since my last trip three years ago.




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