[Video] Arsenal players chase & surround ref after losing to Lanus in 99th min.


This was a pretty unedifying event for all concerned in the Argentina Torneo Inicial last night – players, officials, and even the commentators, who condoned the sorry scene.
Arsenal Sarrandi were leading Lanus 2-1 away from home with the 90 minutes played, when 5 minutes injury time were given.
That seemed acceptable enough, but when Lanus equalized in that 5th minute of injury time is when the real madness began.
With the injury time fully elapsed, the ref was expected to blow his whistle there and then, but the amazingly, the game continued.
And not just for one more attack: it went on for another four minutes, until Lanus scored in the 99th minute.
The Arsenal players, justifiably suspecting foul play, went straight for the ref, and his fellow officials had to intervene to protect him as the Arsenal players hounded him down, with the entire squad and coaching staff spilling onto the pitch.
While they didn’t attack or physically harm him, it was still a wild sight seen all too often in South American football, and was shamefully condoned by the commentators, who seemed to be really enjoying it, saying:


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