wow! Nicki Minaj scared of never being a mum

Nicki Minaj has said her biggest fear in life is never having a baby, confessing she’ll be deeply disappointed in herself if she hasn’t given birth by the time she releases her fifth album.

Nicki Minaj will be disappointed in herself if she never has a baby.
The 31-year-old rapper has revealed she is desperate to give birth and is scared it won’t happen because of her hectic schedule.
Questioned on her biggest fear in life, she admitted: ”That I’ll become so consumed with work that I’ll forget to live my personal life to the fullest.
”If I’m done with my fifth album and I don’t have a child by then, no matter how much money I have, I would be disappointed, as a woman, because I feel like I was put here to be a mother.”
The ‘Anaconda’ singer split from her boyfriend of 14 years, Safaree Samuels, earlier this year, but is already looking towards settling down with another partner – which could be her current beau, music video director Grizz Lee – and having kids.
She continued: ”I always said, ‘When I have my
baby, it’s going to be all about my baby,’
”I don’t want the child feeling like they don’t have all of my attention, so I always said, ‘I’m going to take a little break [from music].”’
Although the musician – who will release her third album, ‘The Pinkprint,’ in December – ended her relationship with Safaree by smashing up his car with a baseball bat, according to gossip website TMZ, she is now coming around to the idea of being in a marital relationship.
She told Complex magazine: ”I have definitely put off the wife thing because I don’t want people in my business. I’d rather not do anything that’s going to be on paper but I definitely will be married before I have my baby.
”I want to make sure I do it in that order. I’ve always felt like that since I was young; my mother always put that in my head. By the fifth album, I will have walked down the aisle and I will at least be on baby number one, possibly baby number two. And have $500 million.”


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