Kit Harington was inspired to get into acting by Ben Whishaw.


Like Ben, Kit is now one of Britain’s leading actors. He’s been bagging more and more movie parts recently and still plays Jon Snow in Game of Thrones, the breakout role that launched his career.

What really kick started Kit’s path into acting though was seeing Ben in a production of Hamlet in 2004.

“I think he literally was the reason I wanted to act.

“I’m not usually bad with meeting actors I admire, but I was tongue-tied both times [I met Ben]. I hope I’d be a bit cooler if I met him again,” Kit admitted to Mr Porter.

This Friday Kit’s new movie, Spooks: The Greater Good, hits cinemas, which sees the actor shed his Game of Thrones medieval get up in favour of a modern terrorist tale.

While he’s happy the work is rolling in, the 28-year-old isn’t so enamoured with the fame side of things.

“It can make you feel like a nutcase some of the time. It has turned people I know mad. But you just surround yourself with people who don’t kiss your a**e, who don’t put up with any kind of arrogance that might be seeping through,” he outlined.

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Staying grounded is high on Kit’s to-do list, and he concedes that finding fame at a young age can be daunting. He’s also aware that people may think he hasn’t worked hard enough for it, but tries not to dwell on that.

“There’s that saying about never find success too early. And there are moments when I think maybe I would find it easier not to take this for granted if I’d toiled a bit more first. But I’d be stupid to say that I regret it. I’d be stabbed by many unemployed actors, quite rightly. This has opened so many doors to me and it’s my job now to do as much as I can with my career,” he said.