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The fact that BOVI Ugboma was raised in a very comfortable home didn’t stop him from working hard and creating  a niche for himself. Although he hasn’t gotten to the zenith of his career, he is taking giant strides on daily basis.
He first met the theatre and entertainment seventeen years ago in 1998, when he gained admission to study Theatre Arts at Delta State University.
Since then, he has grown in the business like fine wine. Today, Bovi is considered the most sought-after comedian in the entertainment industry both in Nigeria and in the Diaspora. In this edition, I introduce to you an actor, poet, MC, writer, comedian, father, brother, son and husband to his lovely wife.

I am from Isoko in Delta state. I was born 36 years ago in Benin City, then Bendel state. I attended UNIBEN Staff School and voyaged through three secondary schools because my parents were civil servants and we had to move each time there was a transfer. So I attended Government College Ughelli, Edokpolor Grammar School Benin, and Boys Model Secondary School, Onicha-Olona.

Finally I passed out from secondary school and studied theatre arts at Delta State University, Abraka and graduated in 2002. During my service year, I was a news reporter at NTA Lokoja. After Youth Service, I moved to Lagos state and landed a job in 2004 as personal assistant to leading actor and former commissioner for Culture and Tourism, Richard Mofe-Damijo.
Although I had always wanted to be an entertainer from childhood, my family didn’t approve of it at the beginning. I worked for more than 2 years and decided to finally do what l really wanted. So in September 2006, I launched the hit sitcom ‘Extended Family’ in which I also featured as the main character.

‘ONORIODE’. What began as just fun for me became my life. By the grace of God I have been featured in major comedy concerts, shows and events in Nigeria and a host of others outside the shores of Nigeria. I am married with children.
As it is known, Rome wasn’t built in a day. So, there were times in my life that I couldn’t even afford three square meals, good clothes or a car, neither did I have the energy to fake it. To be honest, looking back now, I don’t see them as challenges. I was so passionate about my career I never took no for an answer. I believed if one door closed, it would only be a matter of time before I knocked again.
I started off with my sitcom ‘Extended family’. My challenge was on the flipside. Fame hit me earlier than expected. Dealing with it was huge because the love from the streets was intense. It’s still intense till date. So all I did was watch and pray for my brand to be born. Another hurdle I surmounted was being able to resist the industry’s practice of being stereotyped.
I am inspired by life, hence I study it. I look at the way people live from the other side of the mirror. I see things people are blind to. I do a lot of research and read a lot. I watch TV and also travel and meet people. Now that it’s a job, I deliberately make an effort to look out for the funny side of life.
Bovi-n-wife-5I am an actor and a writer as well. I believe in focusing on my passion and this is my passion. I get tired doing any business that isn’t related to entertainment. That’s not to say I cannot have other ventures outside this field. I am the CEO of Kountry Kulture Networks Ltd, a production house which borders on television, film and events.
I would say that l am lucky as well as being blessed but whatever l have to give to the society is between myself and my maker. Yes at the moment l am doing something as a give back to the society, knowing fully well that I would be rewarded in the open some day.


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