Policeman Gets Stuck In Married Woman Laced With ‘Magun’ During Illicit Sex


SKYROTINEWS——– A Kenyan police officer was given the embarrassment of his life when he was caught red handed stuck between the legs of his secret l0ver who is a married woman.
According to an eyewitnesses who made the video which has gone on to become an Internet sensation, the woman’s husband had long suspected that his wife had a string of secret sexual affairs with other men and decided to place a deadly and potent charm called Kikamba, (Magun in Nigeria), on her so that any man that sleeps with her would be stuck, thereby exposing her infidelity.

It did not take long before the police officer was caught in the Kikamba magic while having sex with the woman in a hotel in Katui County, 160 kilometers east of Nairobi, the Kenyan capital.

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