What do u think about morning sex.


I stretched as I woke up, feeling him lying beside me. He was on his back, eyes closed and mouth slightly open. I thought about how naughty we got the night before. He was still naked and so was I. We were so spent last night that we could not muster up the energy to get dressed so we held each other and fell asleep in the nude.

Now, for some reason, I was on the other side of the bed. I scooted over to him watching his erection grow. He had the hardest cock every morning. Fucking it was my favourite thing to do.

I straddled him, not allowing him penetrate me yet and leaned down to kiss him.

“Good morning I said,” after he opened his eyes.

“Good morning, my love,” he said, his arms coming around to wrap around my waist.

I claimed his lips again, making sure to rub my sensitive breasts against him and he moaned into my mouth in response. His erection jerked as if it was searching for my cunt hole. I moved my hips seductively against his groin, feeling him harden even more. He groaned again, impatiently this time.

I knew exactly what he wanted. I sat up on his legs, held his cock and slid it into my waiting cunt.

I slid myself down agonisingly slow along his cock twirling my hips slightly as I made my way ever slower down his shaft. Every time he would start to thrust against me, I stopped. He sighed frustratedly and I continued slowly down till he was buried in my pussy.

Then I started to rock back and forth slowly, twirling my hips, sliding up and down, slow and sweet. He took my breasts in his hands and played with my nipples slowly rolling them between his fingers never too much pressure, lovingly and kind. I squeezed myself against him and pulled my body up and forward, I started to thrust harder, the need building in my loins.

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He grasped my hips, and I could feel his need. I slid myself up and down on his shaft hungrily loving every moment he was inside me. He pulled me close against him and I stopped for a moment. I shifted my hips and he pulled me closer.

We rolled over so now he was on top of me. He put my feet on his shoulders and started to thrust deep and steady inside me. As he continued to fuck me, I pulled my legs back, bending my legs so my knees were pushed to the side of my stomach.

I sighed blissfully as his cock went even deeply this way. I was moaning heavily now. He started to thrust steadily against me, and I raised my hips to meet him.

The deeper he went, the harder he groaned and in between all the wild thrusting I felt him move closer and closer to the edge until he was filling me with his cum. 

We lay tangled in orgasm, bodies tense and straining against each other. As we slowly relaxed, tremors ran through my body and I quivered beneath him. 

His moved his dick out of my cunt then shifted up to kiss me.

He kissed my cheek and slid across my body between my legs and I felt his tongue lick his cum from my pussy. 

He moved up to kiss me and we passed the cum between our tongues, enjoying the taste of us mixed.

He slid back down and licked me a bit more before snuggling up against me.

It was the perfect way to start the day.


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