Who Is Your Choice for Celeb of the Year Between Adele and Taylor Swift


Cycle one of the Celeb of the Year survey has found some conclusion, and with your votes, you’ve picked which stars have progressed to cycle two. Adele proved to be the best in the fight amongst her and one of her own objects of worship, Beyoncé, while Swifties revived behind Taylor Swift to beat Kim Kardashian with more than 60% of the vote.

In the interim, the confrontation between pop stars Zayn Malik and Justin Bieber finished for the previous One Direction star, and Dwayne Johnson triumphed over his Moana pal Lin-Manuel Miranda to make it to the following round.

Be that as it may, the nearest race of them all was between on-once more, off-again couple Drake and Rihanna – the “One Dance” rapper defeated his ex with only six votes! Each vote numbers, individuals!

Look at the most recent pairings and place your votes in favor of cycle two beneath, and keep in mind to return tomorrow to see who made the cut for the semi-finals!

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Who Is Your Choice for Celeb of the Year Between Adele and Taylor Swift


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