Battle of Queens


Battle of Kings and Queens is a platform where gentle men and ladies contest amongst themselves.

In this platform, each contestant submits their best pictures that they wish to use for the contest.

Each picture gotten from every contestant is then combined and posted on SKYROTINEWS for our viewers to vote by commenting with the name or number of their desired contestant.

Any contestant interested in participating again,must use a different picture with a different background.

Every contestant gets the opportunity of sharing the link with their friends on social media in other to increase their chances of emerging the winner.

After the votes are counted, the contestant with the highest vote wins thereby becoming the face of the week on our website and also be given free subscription on any network of their choice and stand the chance of being selected by some of our advertisers, by choice their faces will be used for banner adverts.

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If you are interested, contact us by emailing us on or call us on this numbers +2348136520685 or +2348066283311.


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