A Christian charity said 156 people have died in Bangladesh, India due to torrential rains that started on Monday.

World Vision UK has taken in more than 80 people in its office after flash floods and landslides have washed away people’s homes.

Fred Witteveen is the Bangladesh National Director for charity. He told Premier about the conditions people are facing.

He said: “Near where we work people affected by floods have been the largest number of people so far, but the landslides can be deadly.

“If your house is in the wrong place, it just wipes out the entire house. The families who are impacted by landslides. they lose everything. We saw evidence of that”.

Witteveen added that it is monsoon season in the country, but this year’s rain is the worst the area has seen since 2007.

He said what makes it even worse is that the highly effected areas are in a remote part of Bangladesh, which makes it difficult for relief organisations to reach.

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Witteveen told Premier the people impacted need prayer.

He said: “You can pray for the rain to stop, pray that families are able to cope, that they get the assistance they need which is shelter, food and water.

World Vision UK staff in Bangladesh will organise more relief efforts once it has concluded assessing the damage from the rain. Witteveen said efforts may include rebuilding.

The charity is working closely with the government to provide food and water for the victims.