Shadowhunters Episode 20 – Season Finale


Everything we’ve waited for has come down to this moment: Valentine has the three Mortal Instruments.

After two seasons of watching Clary’s journey of becoming a Shadowhunter and her father’s unrelenting goal, their worlds reached their climax on Shadowhunters Season 2 Episode 20. Someone died, and the other got their wish.

At times the characters’ decisions were frustrating, but that may be due to it being grounded in their reality. Character development was a big focus, and we learned so much about their motivations, their history, and their wants.

In fact, it helped to understand why people acted a certain way and made frustrating decisions/mistakes. (Looking at you, Clary and Simon.)

The acting improved with the cast reaching great moments. And the changes made to the props, the title sequence and the overall tone made this a more mature show. Todd Slavkin, David Swimmer, and Cassandra Clare did a great job updating us for Shadowhunters Season 2.

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