Teen-Wolf Season-06 Episode-13


This episode might be called “After Images,” but I’m going to call it “Gerard’s School of Hunting Werewolves.” Another slow-paced hour follows Gerard and Monroe as they try to kill Brett — or perhaps more accurately, as they try to find Brett before Scott’s pack does.

Oh no, wait. That’s still not right…as they use Brett to lure Scott’s pack into a trap in order to out them to the citizens of Beacon Hills. Whew. I knew we’d get there eventually.

We’ll start there, with Lori showing up at Scott’s house asking for help finding Brett. Scott then gathers Liam and Malia to come with them to the woods. Meanwhile, Lydia, Corey, and Mason are back at the school trying to see if Lydia can initiate a premonition to find him. And it works! Well, sort of. She does have a premonition, but it ends up being about Nolan, not Brett. But we’ll get back to that. For now, let’s stay focused on the Brett situation.

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