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Junk food restricted in Rod and Penny’s LA home

Penny Lancaster and Rod Stewart
Penny Lancaster and Rod Stewart

At Rod Stewart and his wife Penny’s home in LA, junk food is restricted and their eight-year-old son Alastair is limited to 30 minutes on the iPad each day.
He is not allowed to have a computer or a mobile phone as of yet. Sugar is practically banned from the kitchen table.

According to Mail Online, Rod regularly rises at 6.45am to take his son to football practice.
Three-year-old Aiden – their ‘miracle baby’ conceived using IVF – can expect similar restrictions when his time with computers and iPads comes down the line.
Rod are Penny hope to spend more time in England, anxious that their boys should benefit from an English education
“Rod and I are quite traditional,” says Penny. “We both had a great education in the UK and we’ve made sure our boys have kept their British accents.”
“They are very close to their grandparents and the good thing about spending more time in England is, when Rod and I want to go off for a romantic weekend or he’s got a show, then I can go off with him and feel safe. My mum’s there. My dad’s there. My brother works for us. So there’s a whole support system, whereas here in LA we don’t really have that.”


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