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Girl Fight For Love And Got Her Ear Bitten Off

Fighting for love

A jealous female student of the Lagos State Polytechnic whose name was given as Bola, is regretting why she got into a fight with another woman over a man, as she has had her right ear bitten off in the cause of the fight.
The sad incidence which happened in Ikorodu area of the state, was said to have triggered off when the said Bola accused the other lady of sleeping with
her man. The two who are said to be neighbours, went into a hot argument which escalated into fisticuffs that had Bola’s ear bitten off by her rival.
To show the cannibal in her, Bola’s rival had her ear in her mouth for several minutes while Bola bled profusely. Sympathisers who went in to separate the fighting rivals wondered where Bola’s ear could have been, not knowing that the other woman had it in her mouth. They were shocked when she later spit out the bloodied ear and stepped on it.
Bola was however rushed to the hospital where the doctors battled on end to stitch back the severed ear to no avail. The other lady she was later arrested by the police who still have her in their custody


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