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Microsoft Now Offering $50 Discount on Xbox One

Sony’s Playstation 4 has been continuously outselling Microsoft’s Xbox One ever since the two eighth generation consoles first went on sale in November 2013. Even Microsoft’s decision to offer the Xbox One sans the Kinect has been largely ineffective in reversing this trend. Things are so bad for Microsoft that during the latest quarter the PS4 comfortably outsold both the Xbox One and Xbox 360. Under the circumstances, it is going to take something special from Microsoft to turn the corner during the holiday season. 
Microsoft’s idea of special is a $50 holiday discount — at least in the United States. As it announced last month, the company has now begun offering a $50 discount on the Xbox One, whether sold alone or as part of a bundle. This means that the cheapest Xbox One SKU is now just $350. According to Major Nelson, the special pricing, scheduled to run through January 3, 2015, is now available from Amazon, BestBuy, Walmart, Microsoft Store and Gamestop.


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