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River of strange taboo


Yemoji River is a popular tourist at­traction in Ijebu-Ode Local Government Area of Ogun, Southwest Nigeria. The river traverses a distance of three and a half kilometres from its source to Imagbon Village.
History has it that the river used to serve as a waterway for the evacuation of farm produce from Ijebu land to Ejirin, a distance of about 18 kilometres.

Besides its historical back­ground which pre-dates 1925, a group of European merchants of an unnamed commercial firm was linked with the formation of a club known as Ijebu Ode Club used it as a swimming pool.
Its pleasurable delight makes the river a sight to behold. But this appears to be where the attraction of Yemoji River stops. The river is said to prohibit the eating of Esuru, a local yellowish tuber, around it. As strong as Yemoji River’s aver­sion for Esuru is, a person who eats the yam is prohibited from coming near or swimming in it for a con­siderable length of time after the consumption of the tuber.


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